Specialist Advice for Leaseholders

Specialist Advise for Resistant Mediation and Leaseholders

With a development of flats or houses being a communal living environment, Right 2 Manage encourages block residents to have a good relationship. Therefore, Right 2 Manage regularly uses the lease to remind tenants that noise shouldn’t be made or heard from outside a property between 11pm and 8am.

If a tenant is proposing to have work done that may cause a disturbance, Right 2 Manage recommends that they give notice to other members of the block and any other residents who may be affected as soon as possible. 

Also, try to arrange the work to be done during convenient times for all.

If Right 2 Manage is advised that a flat or property is being affected by defect or negligence from another property within the block, our Managing Agents will immediately make contact with the owner, tenant or letting agent and put all parties in touch with each other.

Outside of working hours, if the matter is urgent, Right 2 Manage recommends that direct contact is made with the property resident to advise them of the problem.

If Right 2 Manage is advised of a defect, which appears to come from an individual flat or property with the block, we reserve the right to pass on the name and contact details of the owners.

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